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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an easy to use web directory that allows Maltese shop owners and service providers to list their business in our directory. 'Shoppers' can then use our system to search and discover specific shops, services and businesses with just a few clicks of the mouse. Everything is free of charge.

Who can place a listing?
Anyone who owns a registered shop or commercial business in Malta or Gozo can place a listing. we also accept listings by NGOs, Clubs, Museums or anything that turns the Maltese economy. We do not accept listings from any businesses other than those registered in, or operating from, Malta and will delete listings that try to bypass our system.

Can I place a listing if my business is registered in Malta yet operates from a foreign country?
Yes. As long as you are a registered business in Malta we will accept your listing.

How long does it take for my listing to appear?
Your listing will appear as soon as we have manully reviewed it shortly after you submit it. If your listing conforms to our guidelines it will be accepted. You will receive an email informing you that your listing has been accepted. Any listing not in line with our guidlines will be rejected without notice. We reserve the right to reject or delete any listings at our sole discretion without notice. You must register first in order to submit listings. Registering is fast, easy and free.

I own more than one shop/business, can I submit more than one listing?
Yes as long as it is not a duplicate listing we will accept it and you may use your primary account. You may also submit any listing up to 5 different categories/sub categories that best fit your services.

How much does it cost?
Nada, nothing, xejn or in other words FREE. Yes we love saying free. We will charge you nothing. There are no strings attached.

Can I edit or update my listing?
You are now in a position to maintain complete control over any listing you submit and can upload, edit and delete logos, photos and wording. You can also place a direct link to your website and include important information such as email addresses, physical addresses and contact number. all this you can do at the comfort of your office or home at your convenience. Whenever you edit a listing, it will automatically be set as pending as it will require a manual inspection by us to ensure that the listing still conforms to our guidelines as stated above. As soon as we review the edited listing we will then either accept it or inform you of changes you need to do before we can accept it.

Why is this service free? was created in 2006 as a school development project by a young team of individuals. As time passed, our team's knowledge and experience grew and through the success of the team individually gained high positioned professional careers within the IT sector in Malta and even abroad. Since was the mother project that launched the team's careers, the team felt it essential to keep this alive and so a decision was taken to keep on developing from being a simple link directory to a fully grown website. In 2010 we launched a 'Do It Yourself' approach, thus lessening the amount of work involved from our behlaf to keep the web site active, cost effective yet still challenging to the team. Since gave alot to the team, in return the team keep it alive with a target to see it grow into one of the leading FREE advertising portals on the Maltese islands. Of course, if you wish to help us then feel free to place a link back to on your websites at your own will. In turn this will help us help you too! Click here to find the html code to place on your website.

What if I find a listing that is no longer valid that promotes an 'illegal' business?
Since we manually process each listing before it appears and receive reports on any update to listings, this should not occur. However, if this does somehow bypass our system and you happen to notice it, please report it to us straight away and we will take the necessary action to delete the listing. To report such links Click Here. We do not and will not tolerate illegal sites and should it be needed, we will forward these links to the authorities for further investigation.

The type of business category I own does not exist on your web site, does that mean that I can not list it?
If the type of shop or business you own does not exist we, please submit your listing to a category that is close to the product you promot and after contact us to suggest a category. We will then work to try to add the category regardless if you only and exclusively provide that service or product you supply.

I still can't believe this is Free, is there a catch?
No catches what so ever.Take our word for it.

I have a question that is not listed here can I contact you?
Of course you can. Use the contact form in order to contact us.

Why can I only contact you through the contact form?
We operate this service completely free of charge and do not provide a phone in service. We do not provide email details to avoid spam and junk mail that will waste our time. You should have no problems contacting us through the form and we usually reply within 48hrs.

OK I want a FREE account, what do I need to do?
Just Click Here now. Its free!