Traffic is costing Malta €200 million a year – Transport Minister

Traffic is costing the Maltese economy €200 million in GDP a year and this will increase to €1.2 billion by 2050 unless current policies were changed, Transport Minister Joe Mizzi said today. 
Speaking during the parliamentary debate on the second reading of the Budget Measures Implementation Bill, Mr Mizzi emphatically denied PN allegations that the government would be introducing congestion charges or a parking tax.
He said it was clear that the only way for the traffic problem to be meaningfully relieved was a reduction in the number of private cars on the roads. The measures implemented in the 2017 budget would continue to further this aim, with tax incentives of up to €50,000 for companies that provided transportation for their employees and free public transport for 18-year-olds born in 1999.The National Transport Strategy 2050 and the Transport Master Plan 2025 – which were fully costed – had both been approved by the European Commission, he said. 

Mr Mizzi chided the Opposition for refusing to participate in the process of public consultation leading up to the publication of these plans, and for attempting to tarnish government projects in order to limit the government’s…
Source: TOM

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